Today: TransAstra is moving satellites between orbits with space tugs powered by the Sun and propelled with water

Tomorrow: We’ll sustainably harvest resources from the Moon and asteroids and change the course of history

Our Goal


Asteroids can provide enough raw materials to support a trillion people spread throughout the solar system. With these resources and the energy of the Sun, we can move heavy industries to space, preserve Earth’s biosphere and provide an infinite future for our species. Today’s outdated legacy space logistics systems are remnants of last century’s space race; they are too old, dangerous, complex and costly.

TransAstra is using safe, fast and more affordable space travel to unleash industry in space. Powered by sustainable and safe solar thermal propulsion technology, TransAstra’s orbital logistics solutions and space resource harvesting will unlock an ever-expanding frontier, providing humanity optimism for a limitless future built on an ethical foundation.

Our Mission

An ethical, sustainable path to space

TransAstra is dedicated to moving humanity into space in a safe, sustainable and ethical way.

  • Led by founder and CEO Joel Sercel, a proven entrepreneur and pioneer in space technology and ethics
  • Powered by a top echelon of engineers, scientists and business leaders
  • Reducing humanity’s consumption of Earth-based resources

Our Mission

A radical approach to moving through space

Our solar thermal rocket engine provides nuclear rocket-like performance using concentrated sunlight, enabling safe, easy, affordable and lightweight space travel.

  • 10x the thrust and 5x the cost savings of electrical or microwave propulsion
  • Propellent agnostic, allowing vehicles to “gas up” with whatever liquid propellant happens to be available

Our Mission

Focused on today, Ready for tomorrow

TransAstra uses a realistic approach to space development to propel today’s mission while creating the technology to fulfill the promise of our vision for tomorrow.

  • Phased and actionable strategy for industrializing space
  • Economy of scale that builds on each success

Breathrough Space Logistics

Worker Bee™
Space Tug

TransAstra’s Worker Bee space tug disrupts legacy markets with a faster, safer and more affordable way to carry satellites and other payloads to where they need to go in space. Propelled by TransAstra’s Omnivore™ solar thermal rocket engines, Worker Bee can position a constellation of satellites, each to its orbital slot, ten times faster at one-fifth the price of electric or microwave propelled vehicles. This reduces the time it takes to deploy a constellation from months to days, saving our customers millions of dollars. Worker Bee supports many other space logistics businesses, including resource harvesting from asteroids and the Moon, removing debris from orbit, and hosting customer payload.

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Breathrough Space Logistics

Omnivore Propulsion System

Omnivore is a solar thermal rocket engine that provides nuclear rocket-like performance using just concentrated sunlight as the energy source. The elimination of expensive and heavy solar panels and the ability to use nearly any propellant fluid creates a higher thrust-to-weight ratio—enabling fast, clean and affordable space travel. Propellent agnostic, Omnivore allows space vehicles to “gas up” with whatever liquid propellant happens to be available—even water or hydrocarbons harvested from asteroids. This flexible, lightweight, and more efficient design makes Omnivore the cornerstone technology for space industrialization.

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